Toyota FT-HS concept 2007-

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This could have been the A90 Supra, but 10 years earlier. The FT-HS concept took the hybrid set-up from the Lexus GS450h, which meant a V6 producing 400 PS in collaboration with electric motors, and stuck it in a small sports car body. The new Supra was reported to be coming in 2011, but that never happened, of course. Instead, we had to wait until 2018 to see the new Supra, engineered by BMW and built in Austria. Would the FT-HS have been better? There was no word about the concept’s weight, which might have been an issue given the hybrid system. That said, the FT-HS would certainly have been more unique and more of a Toyota than the A90 we got. I love the A90, but the FT-HS could have brought the excitement Toyota’s early 2010s line-up desperately needed by bringing back the legendary Supra nameplate.


I hate this vision that the actual A90 isnt a Toyota or a Supra only beacuse Toyota had to share development with BMW
Do they know that the famous 2JZ and many parts of that most famous Supra gen were done with Yamaha and other companies?

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It is a Supra because it’s called a Supra, and it’s a good sports car in its own right. My problem comes when I see the amazing GR86 and GR Yaris and have to wonder, how much better could the Supra have been if Toyota had done it their own way. The current one has so many BMW bits, and the Z4 also exists, so it isn’t a special a car as the Supra nameplate deserves. The R8 and Huracan use the same fundamentals, but are designed in their own unique ways and have different characters, which can’t really be said about the Z4 and A90. And yes, Yamaha helped Toyota with their engines, but they didn’t make a similar car with that engine.

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