Toyota Celica SS-I 2003 - Early Access Players - Early December?

I thought gaining early access to cars in Forza Horizon games was a bannable offence?

Just took delivery of the “2003 Toyota Celica SS-I 2003”, released yesterday (January 6th) and noticed while checking out the S1 900 tunes, that some of them were created December 3rd 2021.

That’s a whole month earlier than the rest of us received it and to think that’s it’s 45 point season prize, would suggest that the abusers must have played most of the season, if not the whole series.

So, how on earth can the average Joe player manage to release a tune, livery on release day and not have it over shadowed by those created by obvious game hackers/cheaters?

Surely PG/T10 can detect these obvious cheats and act accordingly as a QOL improvement for the rest of us who wait patiently for content to relesed officially?

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Is it possible that people who play Motorsport saw this car was incoming when the game updated and imported their tune then? Possible the game didn’t allow the tune to be imported before? Am just speculating of course

You can import liveries into FH5 from Horizon and Motorsport games , but I know of no official way to import tunes. Not on console at any rate unless I’ve just missed it somewhere

I was under the impression that importing tunes worked the same as FH4…but then I’m not a tuner so I don’t pay much attention to it

FH4 and FH5 tunes are incompatible. FH4 tunes cannot be imported into FH5. Different physics models. Different upgrade options.

FM7 tunes might be importable. I haven’t tried. FM7 and FH5 physics models feel/drive the same to me. I use the same tuning style for both. A tuning style that gives awful results in FH4.

I’m not sure how the algorithms work for showing recommended tunes, but don’t well known tuners like yourself, XIII90, DJS, etc end up on there regardless due to being well known? I feel like I see these good, well-known tuners on there most times I’m looking for a tune.
Like I said, I have no idea how it lists them though.

The issue was more that there were tunes for the car showing they were shared on December 3rd when the car was only officially released into the game yesterday

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Also, exactly this and alos couldn’t have put it better myself.

Understand the possibility of importing a tune from a previous horizon or motorsport game, but don’t you have to be in the vehicle to share the tune???

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Exactly this! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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“PC Magic” at your service. Once the data for the car is added to the game (this time together with the Dezember update) it’s available for PC users if they really want to.
It should be easy to write a tool that auto-deletes/blacklists these tunes/designs.


There is no tune import function that I’ve found. They said the PI calculation was changed for fh5.

Edit: just compare any stock car in fh5 vs any other game.

I know for a fact you cannot import tunes from other games on the console. Only way that tune can be up there with that date is that they cheated. This was rampant in FH4 and they dud nothing about it. It’s crazy the LGB on my licence plate or livery will get me banned, but if I hack the game I’m celebrated as an elite tuner/painter. If I put a certain leaf on my car, one of my most popular liveries in FH4 btw, I can get banned, but to share a livery that shouldn’t even be in the game yet, I’m celebrated as one of the elites. Moral of the story, cheat all you want, just don’t offend the investors.