Top Gear Story challenges

Hi guys.

I really need help with the Merc E-AT challenge. I can’t for the life of me get 3 stars, i’m always 8-10 seconds off. I go off road as people have sergested and it doesn’t make any difference.

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A few tips, maybe ones you already know:

  1. On your way to Glen Rannoch, there’s a curve where the woods thin out in front of you. Pass through the clearing, through the woods (yes, it is tricky), and onto the fields. From here just beeline towards Glen Rannoch. The best spot to climb Glen Rannoch is a bit tricky to find. You need to go right off where the cliffs are.

  2. After having climbed Glen Rannoch, and you head towards Arthur’s Seat, head for the second roundabout at Queensforth Golf Course and cut through that. You might end up crossing through the Rail Yard on your way there. This route will let you avoid the buildings and walls in southern Edinburgh.

Cut through the golf course (and the fields if necessary) towards the hillside to the right of the small roundabouts at Arthur’s Seat. Alternatively, turn off the golf course onto the road leading to the roundabouts (whichever works best, as there’s a lot of buildings and walls here).


This is the only one I can’t 3 star. I’m always about 20 seconds late. There must be a trick to it. Have to keep grinding I guess. : (

I did it by cutting the hairpins on the dirt near the first checkpoint and then bombed over the hill at the checkpoint near the city.

Some guy made a video similar to what I did:

I got it. For the first part of the chapter I stayed on the road almost all the way until the giant fields then made a straight run across them and up the mountain (where theres no rocks). That shaved about 10 seconds off of my previous attempt (I assumed cutting corners and going off road was faster but it wasn’t). For the second part I beelined it to the target until I got to the city. The key is to not follow the route through the city they give you. If you pause while you’re just entering the city, there’s another street to the left of the given route that actually beelines to the target. Follow it as fast as you can making no mistakes then go left and up over the mountain where there is no rocks. The target will be about 8 seconds away after the climb. I did it with about 5 seconds to spare I think. It took several tries but the method I used seemed to work well. If you hit any cars or trees use rewind because every split second counts.

I was able to do this one. When travelling from Glen Rannoch to Arthur’s Seat, when I came off the mountain, I went straight down the rail track (take the left branch). I was able to finish with 8-10 seconds spare.

The shortest path is a straight line. You’re gonna do a ton of off-road. It is possible, but it is also a bit of a PITA.

Top gear chapter 4. It’s a total ****** how can someone get it in 55 seconds when.i can hardly get it in the time required lol

Is 55 seconds a record time? that’s a cheat for sure.

Has to be for sure a PC user

I earn three stars on all chapters on my xbox so nope It is possible. Check your map when you start this chapter and figure out how to drive. It is possible. If I could handle you can too. And… I don’t like any horizon stories…
Best for you and good luck earning 3 stars on all chapters!


OK. I checked 4 chapter and… ups… yes under minute it is maybe possible but you need to fly not driving :slight_smile:


I hate having to jump through hoops for cars that we’ve paid for when purchasing the game. This is very lame and the Studio should stop it IMO or make the cars very easy to obtain, not having to 3 star every hoop in the book!


This wasn’t in the game when released or ever advertised as such. You haven’t paid anything for this

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4:34 here. Pretty straight forward getting to first check point. Then I right turn across top of mountain (same path as another race going beside the barn find and off the jump). I make a b line for blacktop before round about and I follow line on in to Edinburgh, once past golf course, I’m b lining to 1st left turn that winds up to the seat.

If somebody here can beat my time, I’m all ears.

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Il give that a go tomorrow CRracer been cracking me up this is the only one I cant 3 star

In another account, I set a 4:39. At that time I checked leader boards, the 4:34 was #67, now it #~1500. I see the hackers have found their way to top gear.

chapter 4
just under 4 .49 for me have only tried it since in Sunday suffering convoy where I mucked up really badly btw I always drive in auto.
Not a lot of point retrying there once the boards are flooded with the computer cheaters.
Really shouldn’t be that hard for playground to sort out who they are, at least on set route or speed etc story chapters all using the same car.
I check the boards every time I do something story, speed traps. danger,
click on the name of blatant cheats to report for the same reason always record how I did it just in case comes in to question. top one percent of all danger signs, now working on speed traps.
I play on Xbox one X bests positions posted on my twitter account vanninman1

You should try for #1 time of 44.721 seconds, or the traktor speed trap at 699…

I think mine is 4:21 something and with a bit of rewind abuse I can see 3-4 seconds off it.

Compared to the run on my video, here are things that really shave off tens of seconds:

  • on the way to first checkpoint, climb the mountain instead of using the road, there’s a safe rock-less passage if you aim right after the railroad bridge
  • from the first checkpoint, ride the mountain instead of going down right away, there’s a good path with pretty safe single jump in the end that cuts both distance and jump
  • then it’s just rushing to nearest road and flooring it along the suggested route to the end. there’s a little cut in the end right before going on dirt road, also using the dirt road instead of climbing seems faster (or I’m just not climbing properly).

There’s also a to climb the mountain to last checkpoint like in the video earlier in this thread but I can’t make it fast enough to matter - probably it’s actually possible to make it right and then it’s potentially huge time saving.

Adjusted to my far-from-perfect driving, I can see how high 3 minutes is possible, like 3:45 or around that, even though I can’t do it myself. Anything significantly lower than that, I’d have my doubts how legit that is.

Valorster has done it in 4:22

Most of the early videos used the winding roads to get to the top of the hill for the middle checkpoint. You can cut a lot of time by going straight up the hill. At stages the car is almost vertical but it handles it very well.

No-one apart from me seems to have a problem with Chapter 6 - driving a Porsche around Edinburgh. I’ve tried it multiple times and always miss the 3 star target by several seconds. My driving line looks o.k. I cut some of the corners and avoid the traffic. The car’s acceleration seems a bit sluggish so perhaps I need to master manual rather than automatic gears. For now I’ve given up and don’t think I’ll ever get the Ferrari 812 Superfast. I’m not that bothered about the 6 wheeler.