Top Gear Car Pack [Not included with Car Pass or VIP or Ultimate Ed.]

I purchased the Ultimate Edition of FM6, but I didn’t get the top gear car pack, does that car pack not come with the Ultimate edition?

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Not included. Make sure you read DLC content descriptions and the DLC thread pinned in the discussion forum:—DLC-and-Editions-List.aspx

I went into Forza 6 and the update (car pack) was automatically promted to download before the game started but the download was going really slow, I shut off my Xbox One and turned it on again, went into Forza 6, was prompted to download it before the game starts once again, it was going faster this time, up to 18% pretty quick but I went into other places on the dashboard and went back and saw it was down to 6%. I don’t know what the problem is at this point, so I pressed Forza 6 to start it and the game actually started, now it won’t prompt me to download the car pack anymore so I can’t get it for free, it says I have to pay on the market place.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

This pack is not included in the car pass so I’m assuming it’s not in VIP either.

Which car pack are you talking about - April Top Gear? That one has to be bought explicitly as it’s not part of the VIP or original Car Pass packages. Look here for more info

The new top gear DLC pack does not come with the season pass? I bought the season pass and I’m not getting any top cars, please help