Tokens not showing up?

I down loaded a gift card and purchased tokens. Went to buy a car and now the tokens are gone and car did not down load! Help

I bought myself 20 dollars worth of tokens on Jan 10. I already had maybe 1k tokens. Today I check and ALL of my tokens are gone. I caled Xbox and they refunded my purchase, I went o re-purchase the credits and what do you know, IT HAPPENS AGAIN! Help Please!!!

Microsoft support issued refund. We tried again CSV for 8000 tokens and account still had 0. Tried CSV for 1900 tokens twice with Microsoft support on phone and account balance came up Zero tokens again. Please help

Hey guys. The other day I bought somewhere around 775 tokens, and they were all there. Now today when I go to buy a car with them, it just shows a period. Any reasoning for this?

Intermittent server issues seems to be the case. I’d hang tight a day or two and see if they reappear. It sounds as if an update is expected soon.

We had the same thing happen tonight. They refunded our money as well, held on for us to purchase again, and nothing. So disappointing for Friday :(. $100.00 Gees, let me know when you resolve & I’ll do the same Susan

Does Anyone know how long it will be before they get it fixed

Hello all,
Logged in last night with a friend and we both noticed that our tokens were gone. These were tokens that we won from events not ones we bought.

As far as I know you can not win tokens.

If you mean the 100 they were given to everyone as part of the update that added tokens.

The servers have been playing up in the last few days so reboot your console and hope next time you log on the servers are working fine and they should be there.

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Thanks for the reply,

Could be those ones, we just remember that we had some tokens that we’ve never used and they weren’t there when we wanted to use them last night.

I spent £16 on tokens last night and they just vanished. The odd thing is when they were actually there, I used rough 1300 to buy the LaFerrari, now it took the tokens from my account but left me without the LaFerrari, never even went into my garage.

I would not usually be bothered by this, but this is our money we’re spending on these tokens.

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I have just bough some tokens on the store but I can seem to use them to purches nothing. On the display it’s saying 0 tokens when it should have 2750.
Please help

I had about 300 tokens left that vanished, I thought I used them so I bought another 20$ worth. I have yet to receive my tokens. It still says I have nothing yet Microsoft confirmed my purchase.

I am having the same problem right now