Toggle Depth of Field in menus (garage bay view blurry)

Firstly, I don’t know how to write English very well so I’m using a translator.

I have an Xbox Series X and I’m a fan of the Forza series, I started the new Forza Motorsport yesterday and I felt that the game’s graphics were a little blurry, with little clarity and little color saturation, it looks like there’s a fog in the game.

On the computer, in several games such as FH5, it is possible to disable some effects, such as depth of field, motion blur, chromatic aberration, grain effect, TAA effect, among others.

I think there could be an option to disable any effect that makes the game blurry and less sharp and cleaner.

Note, FH5’s graphics are beautiful and perfect without these effects, I think the new Forza Motorsport should be no less than that.

FH5 with no depth of field, sharp, colorful and clean:

FM Blurry background, no vivid color, no sharpness, the car itself has a depth of field depending on the angle you look at it. It’s really ugly to choose the wheels:


fix (enable option to enable disable or settings to Depth of Field) . the cars in th garage/pit stops etc look blurry many times because of this depth of field camera blurring the background in turn doesnt really sharpen the objects in focus correctly making the car look blurry . please provide a setting to disable / enable or settings to lower the DOF. thanks

Hopefully Turn10 comes out with this feature on a future update: option to either disable or set the level of depth of field to control the blurry factor. you notice during viewing your cars in the garage or in the pit the depth of field level of blurring whatever thats not in the camera’s focus is ridiculously blurrred, in fact , it even makes the car in the garage look blurry when viewing since the camera is adjusting the DOF . having this option can make a better sharp quality experience as previous versions of forza. thanks.

+1 The issue many people have with this game is that it looks blurry.
So please let us disable Depth of Field! Thanks :slight_smile:

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The Blurr can literally cause migraines and pain my dudes.

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Yes please. The DoF is not good. Blurring edges of random things in the forground, turning textures in to a muddy mess, honestly i think the game looks a lot worse because of this terrible DoF implementation. It seems to do some very unusual thing please let use turn it off.

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Hope Turne 10 relese to next update we can disable motion blur and other filters.

Very very bad now on Xbox :rage:


+1 for option to either disable or set the level of depth of field

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Yes, I agree. The ability to turn off Motion Blur and Depth of Field would be well welcomed. Before a race, when the cutscene is playing during pre-practice and pre-race, the Motion Blur is by far too excessive. These scenes also seem to be a bit unstable in either frame rate or frame pacing. I am unsure of Motion Blur was used to just to bandaid the issue here. Definitely during the menu’s, these effects are highly undesirable and unattractive.

Amongst a much larger spectrum of issues, I hope these things get addressed as well.


Good evening community and developers, please add options in the graphics menu to disable these effects that blur and take away the game’s sharpness, in The Witcher 3 it is possible to disable some effects to improve the game’s sharpness.

It would be great if it was added
an option to turn off these effects in Forza mainly Motion Blur and Depth of Field in Xbox Series S/X.

I believe that, as most players do not want to see images as if they have myopia and astigmatism, we want to see the Cadillac in the garage and the background of the image clear.


Motion blur can be turned off.

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Thanks for the answer, I forgot to mention it’s on Xbox Series.


Thanks for the support, I hope they bring these options.

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Please developers add options to adjust and disable the level of Motion Blur and Depth of Field, no one likes to see their cars blurred.

I play on Xbox Series.

We know DOF from photography. In focus areas are catching our attention. For example the car in the showroom.
In real life we do not recognize blur, because our eyes focus on what we look at. Therefore everything from the cockpit to infinity, is in focus in our view.

Motion blur happens when an image moves fast above our retina. Following a car with your eyes lets the road get blurred. But when keeping the view to a fixed point in the scenery, the moving cars will be blurred. Under racing conditions I keep my eyes on the next apex. Therefore this should be visible without any blur.

The game cannot know what we’re looking at. Therefore computer generated motion blur must fail. There is really no need for such Effects. When sitting close to a big screen, looking at a fixed point, natural motion blur arises when things are moving fast over the screen and over the retina.

Some might like this arcade effect. Others would like to disable. Yes! Please give console players the choice.


In Series X you can choose between performance mode (60 FPS), performance with RT (60 FPS), and Quality (30 FPS which for me playing at 30 is not quality at all) and brightness.

I think that in Series S you only have performance mode (60 FPS) and brightness settings.

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I think the point above from Scorch is excellent. Every single racing driver in the world looks towards the next apex. They do not look at the car or the bonnet. I am a very average slow driver in FM, but even I’m finding it difficult to judge some turns because of the level of blur.

Honestly, it feels like they could copy/paste the features from FH5 that are not in FM7 and that would answer many of the Suggestions created.

The voting system therefore needs to best represent which of these FH5 features people want to see first, so that the prioritization of resources is at it’s best.

Removing the blur would be high on my personal list.

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Human eyes already does the DoF, no video game needs to add this nonsense.


Some of us find the blurryness in the distance and in pretty much every area of the background very off-putting.(the pit area is a big offender)It would look so much better with DOF removed.It can be added very simply as an ON/OFF option like many other games offer.Please consider looking into this Turn10.

They should add 16x Anistropic Filtering to consoles.

Alone the thought of 4x Anistropic Filtering is disgusting. Yikes it’s so AWFUL!