Toggle Depth of Field in menus (garage bay view blurry)

DOF is not the problem, well it’s part of the problem but Anistropic Filtering is the main problem in the console version believe me.

Have you seen it with DOF disabled on PC? I have and it’s crazy how much crisper and better rendered everything appears.Everything is smeared with DOF effects even the trackside objects,as well as the toolboxes etc in the pit’s it’s amazing the difference it makes.

I play it on PC so yes. I play it without all these smearing graphical options.

No motion blur, no lense effect, no DOF etc. it’s all off.

Hell freezes before i activate motion blur.


Not to mention that DOF causes aliasing at long distances, flickering artifacts and blurring in cars and on the track. This is because I’m running at 1440p and DLAA enabled.

The camera moving around the garage simply destroys the user’s experience, hiding all the artistic work of the team that created the scene and even the featured cars.
My suggestion is to remove all this visual effects pollution of depth of field, bloom and leave the image static like in the photo below, it will be perfect.

I want to make a constructive criticism and I hope you don’t take offense, the human eye already focuses on close or distant objects, there is no need to duplicate this effect. People pay a lot for glasses to avoid seeing things blurry, we pay a lot for monitors to have clarity and this pollution of visual effects destroys our experience in the game.
Please remove or reduce these horrible effects.