Thunder Roadster GTR (racing)

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Thunder Roadster GTR (NASA racing etc)

Thunder Roadstar is a roadster-looking, of another model that was based on classic Indy roadsters (BOTH THE INDY AND THE CAR THAT PRECEDED IT ARE DIFFERENT CARS) , But this time with this time with the looks based on the old GT Prototypes.

Dont get fooled or confused, those machines can run both on ovals and road tracks in very fun racing

They are mostly powered by motorcycle motors, in special a Suzuki Hayabusa motor, giving it a great combination with its lightweight

It is considered a great car for those that want start on racing, NASA (the car championship, not the Space Agency) estimates that you need just 35k USD to start racing, far lower compared to another racing series

LED lights are easly to be attached on them, also comes with custom security bars and wings

Here is some photos of the model


Racing action

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Those are another cars, Ford Lola was a indycar that run on 60s
The 2003 one is another model that is made by US Legend Cars, it is based on the Lola and preceded this Thunder Roadster, it is another model


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Sure thing, deleted it now.

What a weird set of naming, I assume it’s more akin to a Type of Vehicle rather than a specific model when it comes to calling something a Thunder Roadster

The fact that is kinda a underrated racing car facilitates that, also sometimes they often race each other on same class of racing but the car NASA uses is the Thunder Roaster GTR also known as the Tink GT ROADSTER

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Ah ok, hopefully Max changes the name to prevent further confusion like I had.

Thanks for correcting me and giving some background info on the whole thing as I never would have known about it otherwise.

They’re kinda like an American Radical SR1/SR3 equivalent it seems but unfortunately not as well known.

Also my replies are broken unfortunately for some reason hence why I’m not replying to you.

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They are pratically the radical before the radical lol but they are still as fun to drive as the Radical, also i dont think the Radical goes well on Oval Racing like the Thunder GTR goes

Also dont worry, everyone do mistakes sometimes, also sometimes it is broken too

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