thrustmaster 458 spider wheel problems

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I have a thrustmaster 458 Ferrari Spider wheel connected to an xbox one, it has been working fine. Suddenly the steering in the car will randomly veer / turn to the left. (wheel kept straight car goes left) I have connected another thrustmaster 458 steering wheel and it works perfectly. I tried reconnecting the old wheel and the steering went chaotic again. Has anyone experienced or know how to fix this problem, or is this a manufacturing problem and should I return the item?

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My son and I have this same wheel. His wheel is experiencing the same issue as yours. It will veer to the left randomly and it is very frustrating for him and has quit using it for Forza Horizon 2. He is playing The Crew just fine as it has wheel settings in the game. I have no issues with this same wheel on mine. Please let me know if you find out anything on this issue as I am very curious what the issue might be.



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Have you managed to solve the issues or did you returned it to Thrustmaster? A friend of mine has the exact same issue.


I have to steer right to keep the Spider 458 wheel to go straight in FOrza 6, what I doing wrong? If I keep wheel straight it pulls left.

Hi guys. I am having the same issue. It worked fine with Dirt for a while now just goes left! Don’t know how to calibrate it or if I need to return it to the shop.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ferrari spider 458 steering wheel problems: Turns left when turning right, doesnt turn at all, etc.

  1. Start xbox up with steering wheel, dont have a game controller on when you start it or it will cause all sorts of issues. Leave game controller off unless your in splitscreen and it says push start on another controller.

  2. They put a light oil on the steering potentiometer. The oil seeps in and it made my wheel start turning hard left while turning right, but thats just where it seeped into my potentiometer. I took wheel apart, took steering poteniometer out, soaked and worked in some 99%IPA for a min, dryed off, works better than ever.

  3. Petals are hard to push and keep down for kids. I also removed one of the two springs in each of the pedals. I opened the petals with 13 bottom screws, pushed the pin out (from inside to outside), took 1 of the 2 springs out. slid the pin back in for each petal.

  4. This thing auto calibrates when you plug in the usb. with xbox on unplug usb, wait a sec, plug it back in. Then move wheel and petals through their entire motions to calibrate.

Hope it helps. Mine works great.


Hello - Would you be able to post a photo or describe what the potentiometer looks like and where exactly it’s located once I get the wheel taken apart? Pretty sure this is the issue with my wheel but I don’t know where the pot. Is. Thanks!

Thanks for putting this up here years ago. My 458 has done nothing for years 'cause it’s cheap and the springs are unforgiving.

Saw your post, removed the extra pedal springs, went a step further and disengaged the rubber band that centers the wheel.

Amazing, halfway enjoyable now :wink:

I have the thrustmaster wheel for Xbox 360 and it was working fine. Suddenly it just stopped working and I’ve only had it since February. I press the on button and it flickers but turns off. Any advice?

I’m having same problem , turns left with thrustmaster, maybe its just [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] junk made in china??? not happy, maybe I should go postal on someone?

How do you make it so your Ferrari spider 458 steering wheel for Xbox one stop turning to the right when you drive straight

Hi guys. I have my wheel connected to the Xbox one. When I go full lock on the wheel, such as around a sharp turn, my front wheels slide. It’s like the front tires are on ice. What can I do to fix this problem. It makes it very difficult to race

Slow down more and don’t turn to full lock, you should never be at full lock unless you’re sideways. Bring up the telemetry and watch tyre friction, if you aproach a corner and try to turn but the friction goes well beyond 100% then your trying to take the corner with too much speed. Slow it down a bit and always try to aim for 100% friction when turning for maximum performance.

Even going like 5 miles an hour it does it. Like around the first turn of spa i go 5 and have to go full lock. I just don’t understand

I had the exact same problem, Thrustmaster support wouldn’t help me unless I could find my receipt (which I couldn’t).

So I opened up the steering wheel base and found that the socket which connects the steering wheel to the motherboard wasn’t soldered! All the other sockets were soldered, so I presumed this wasn’t correct and that the wheel only worked previously because the connection was somehow being made.

Motherboard with unsoldered socket

So I soldered the socket to the board and hey presto it now works perfectly!

I have a similar problem but with mine for some reason no matter what game I play the game doesn’t recognise the first 10-20 degrees when I turn the wheel to the left but it works fine on the right. If anyone knows how to solve this I would appreciate that. The wheel lock is set at 240 degrees

Opened wheel. Located potentiometer. Cleaned(soaked) with IPA 70% and let it dry. Put it all back together and it worked great for a day. Opened it back up and put a drop of gun oil in the potentiometer and it’s working just fine.

Video of opened wheel below showing potentiometer location.

hi my Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider force back wheel isn’t letting my car turn in Forza horizon 4 does anyone know how to fix this.

Right, so Christmas Day yesterday - just setup the 458 and it’s 45 degrees left to go straight. Simple fix…

Start up a normal race in whatever Forza game you play once it’s in motion, pull the USB out that powers the wheel.

Wait 10 seconds, and make sure that the wheel is back centre and no pedals, and buttons being pressed.

Plug USB back in ( and make sure it’s the front one as that’s a 3.0 feed )

And everything was centred again. Wouldn’t work out of game for some reason, only once I did this IN game mid race did it actually work as intended

Hi all, I have had a problem with my Ferrari 458 spider wheel Xbox one (NOT A TX). It has a wobble up and down and a bit side to side and I have found plastic shavings where the base and wheel meet. I have tried to fix the problem by loosening and tightening the screws (top and bottom) on the wheel to no success. Anyone know what I can do? I’m also out of refund time so cannot get a refund :(. Thanks