This problem make me crazy

so I bought steering wheel thrustmaster tmx pro to play forza horizon 4 xbox one
and when i play press the acceleration the wheel rotate alone
can any one tell me what to do ?
i tried to change control sitting but it didn’t work

When you boot up your xbox does the wheel auto-calibrate, it should (go all the way to the left, go all the way to the right and then re-center)?

TMX often has a problem if you leave it plugged in all the time and don’t use it, unplugging it or unplugging the usb and re-connecting usb/power will usually cause it to re-calibrate itself
and then should work fine.

Did you adjust the wheel settings using the “hold the small button next to the XBOX button and press left shift or right shift paddle” as well to set the wheel up (while in Xbox mode) to change the degrees of rotation as well?

Good Luck.