Thinking of getting the Capri FE - is it worth it?

I am thinking about getting the FE from the AH as I see they quite often come up with 20mil price.

Opinions please? Is the car worth it? I’ve read mixed reviews that although the car is rare and collectable it isn’t a great car to use in the game even with some tuning. Many say the FE boost isn’t that great and other cars are better.

I can’t imagine it will appear in the playlist or shop anytime soon.

Same with the 812 although I am loathed to get that car on the basis I am on 1,663 on the Star Card and hoping that will be fixed at some point in the future.

My vote is no

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It really depends on whether you have other stuff that you want to spend credits on.

The Capri FE is quite a fun A and S1 dirt/cross country car. However, it’s nowhere near meta so you aren’t going to use it to destroy online competition.

Personally, given how easy it is to get 20,000,000 credits in the game, I would just buy it if you have any interest in it but it’s up to you.


Thanks both.

I don’t have a huge amount of credits (just coming up to 20mil) as I tend to “re-invest” my credits on cars.

Equally I don’t really have any other cars I am desperate to buy. Mainly on the basis that I don’t want to get too stung if they appear either in the shop (low chance) or on Super7 or a future playlist.

So far I have avoided this with some of my bigger purchases (Mini Countryman, new Corvette Stingray and Merc E63GT) but I did get slightly caught yesterday as I saw the 90 Porsche Singer was part of the Super7 this week. Thankfully I managed to auction my old one for the price I paid for it.

I used my first 20M to buy, and sell cars in the Auction, and I made enough money from that to buy all the cars in the game.

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If you have to ask if it’s worth the price, it really isn’t.


There are a lot of Mercedes Benz Super Sport in Auction now for 5M you can sell for much more. I will Buy Out for top price. Just post on here that it is now in the Auction, or Message me.

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Like Jezza said, it’s really fun A and S1.
I keep mine S1, mine points at beach and knocking over stumps.
Thing drifts too. If you don’t have big money, wait.
But it’s better than 812, Cougar IMO. None of 3 are meta.
If you don’t have one, get Pug 207, few others for far less money.

Personally, I would say no car in the game is worth tens of millions of credits. But I never found it easy to make lots of money in game. I make more money now not playing the game than I did when I played regularly.

It definetly won’t be in the forzaton shop or a playlist reward. You can only earn it by completing all star cards.

Is it worth buying from the AH?
Well, sooner or later you run out of things to buy anyway, so if you have leftover money you might as well get it.
Its a nice car, but nothing special.

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As the other guy said. Money is completely pointless reached a point, and you are going to -want- to buy everything sooner or later (sadly thats the whole point of the game) because if not, your money is going to keep piling up without anything to waste it on. If you want to buy something with credits and you have the credits, just do it. Plain and simple. Other games need more careful thinking, because the money is important in end-game. In here, its the opposite around…

Definitely worth it just for the exclusivity, though personally I’m grinding blueprinter influence then getting ranked in drift adventure to obtain it, but that’s just purely for giving myself something to do in the game with a worthwhile reward at the end.

It sounds like it is good when the races/trial are limited to rally monsters. When you sell a 20m car you net 17m and change IIRC. So all is not lost if you try one out and decide to resell. I set up a “super 7” with one a while back or you can search for others as a test drive of sorts. I’d say get it. This is all entertainment and make believe credits.

So I bought it for 20mil.

I was actually pleasantly surprised. It’s quite a fun car after I tuned it up to S1 class.

The skills boost is handy although it’s a shame it doesn’t go up to 7 like some of the other Hoonigan cars I have which are great for farming skill points.


20 mil? ow. I dont pay that amount of CR for that car not even in dreams lol. What a waste…

you will pay, think the same way, when you have a lot of money, you have to start spending at auctions, especially when you reach the entire limit of 999,999,999, then you will start spending.

i have the capri fe i ran it in every online race…

i find it best works in A 800