Think before you block!

I had 6 regular posts blocked by someone. Think before you block!!!


Ken Block?


Most people on this forum when you speak the truth. Rest assured, if the post didn’t break the rules, the Mods will restore it. Had one of the troll patrol try it with Me last night, but the Mods restored my posts. LOL.

Here’s to hoping the people that abuse the reporting system because they don’t like and can’t handle the truth get a nice, deserved time out.


You must have a secret admirer.

The person ‘likes’ me too. I keep getting things marked as being spam when anyone with two brain cells can see that it is an on-topic, non-spam post. Very juvenile behavior.

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Just responded to one that was flagged for no reason whatsoever. The Mods should be more than aware of who is doing this and that person should be removed from the forum, end of. It’s abuse of the flagging system and targeted abuse towards a specific member. Pretty sure that goes against the forum rules.

When will the mods actually step up and act like moderators?


Likewise think before you post. If the community are flagging posts then they must be doing it for a valid reason no?

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Not really. I have seen yourself complain about blocked posts that you said shouldn’t be blocked, so your reply in this thread is… ???

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My comment wasn’t directed at you. I was merely saying if the community at large flag a post then there must be a genuine reason for this.

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Flagging on-topic posts as spam that are undoubtedly relevant to the topic is just abuse of the system. But immature children will act like immature children and do whatever they can to ruin the forums for people they don’t like.

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The flag button is for reporting posts that break the ToS, do not misuse it. Either agree to disagree or block posters and move on.

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It sounds like the thresholds around flagging posts are set to low. I can relate as I’ve had posts flagged for saying things such as “hi”.

In the past 24 hours, I’ve had someone flag the following posts as spam.

The topic was on Eliminator and this is obviously on topic and not spam.

The topic was adding motorbikes to FH and this too was on topic and definitely not spam.

Anyone who says that these wouldn’t have been flagged as spam if I had only thought before I posted is just being ridiculous.

I do hope the mods can see the username of the person who is doing this so they can be given a warning or banned if appropriate.

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People in this thread complaining about abuse. Hard to agree to disagree or block if user doesn’t know who is flagging posts. :thinking:

My two cents, with some experience moderating a largish and sometimes fractious forum, the flagging system is, to put it diplomatically, flawed. I had doubts about it from the start. Certainly some posts are flagged justifiably, but apparently many also aren’t. And in all this the mods, if there are any, are silent. I think it was thought it would save the mods work, or possibly allow the forums to not even have mods. Huge mistake.


I think Windswept Dragon means for the person doing the false flagging to block the users so the posts don’t appear in that person’s feed. IOW, if you don’t like the posts a person makes, put them on your ignore list instead of flagging all of their posts as being spam or off topic.

But that is having an expectation that the person doing the false flagging is able to do the reasonable thing.


Its obvious that some people are flagging posts just because they don’t like someone or are upset because someone disagrees with them. I have had a lot of posts flagged which then get unflagged when a moderator checks them.

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I don’t agree with everything you say, but I would be reluctant to flag something unless it was a flagrant violation of the code of conduct. It’s just as easy and better for the community to not flag things just because.

The way they do the flagging system on here is wrong, by all means allow people to flag posts for attention of the modes but don’t automatically hide a post just because its been flagged.

I see the way its done on her as encouraging user to be passive aggressive trolls because they know by flagged something it will get the post hidden until a moderator looks at it.


Why not post one or more suggestions in the suggestions thread on how things could be improved?