There is better tyre smoke in-game, why isn't it unlocked?

More of a rant than anything else but here goes.
The lack of dynamic tyre smoke in-game is a real shame, but what makes it worse is knowing that there is already the texture and script set up is in the game. If you slide a car around in Spring, Summer or Autumn you get left with barely visible lines of white blob on the floor for 10-15 seconds but if you send a car around on the snow, on grass, gravel or sand, you get these beautiful plumes of pure, thicc, white greatness. If some magical individual was to see this and maybe replace the poor quality smoke with something worthy to mark the death of my two rear tyres it would make the game even better.

P.S. If a first year Xbox One can handle the smoke, hardware limits aren’t an excuse. I also understand that lots of smoke could be used in a toxic way so having the new smoke as a option in the graphic settings would be great.

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