The Superstar creator star card... do i really have to max out all of the challenges?

This is the most unreasonable star card in the game. I’ve done all of the star cards except for the story one (im gonna finish that off another day) and this. I wanna know if there is a shortcut to this.

Am i able to do only 1 of the challenges to get this star card completed, then the rest become optional? Sounds unlikely but i sure hope you don’t have to get level 5 on ALL of the challenges.

Unfortunately you need to grind all of them to lv5.
The most time consuming is definitely the Blue Print one because you need to race the Blue Print to make it count if doing it solo. And you have to repeat it 512 times. My advice… make a short route and run it. Do 20 of them each session so it won’t be so painful.
For tuner and painter just share the default tune and color than delete every time you make 10 or 20 of them. For the photo just share and unshare one photo, it doesn’t matter.
Take your time. It will get boring pretty fast.