Star card

yo can someone help me to complete one star card?
i need to reach level 5 tuner painter and fotografer
my description is l1s.
thanks for your help

One way to help also is to post your tunes for the weekly challenges in that thread.

And you can post your livery codes in Paint Booth along with images as well.

It helps get the attention and those precious downloads and likes. Good luck.

The Photographer part is easier, just keep taking snapshots and sharing them.

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okay thanks for the advise i keep it in mind

Share and unshare, and repeat. You get credit each time, you don’t need to share different items or to get downloads (that would help but isn’t necessary).


i think that works only in the first 3 levels but i am not so sure

It works up to level 3, but after that it’s tedious because of the needed points to level up.

It works up to any level unless they changed it since I last used it to reach level 5 blueprinter.

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yeah you are right.It just leveling up very slow

Unless you make something truly good just over 500 pieces of low effort trash in each category is the best option, aside from Photographer which is a bit less monotonous with Horizon Promo + the 1,000 influence doing the weekly photo challenge gives you.