The state of Ranked

So here i want to talk about the state of ranked in Forza Horizon 4.

I am trying to grind my way through ranked at the moment but in every race it seems like im the only one trying to race properly, everyone else is trying to play bumper cars or how fast can i crash in to this corner, whenever your coming up to a checkpoint you best hope noone is next to you otherwise they will try bump you so you miss the checkpoint, people dont want to brake for corners instead they smash into whoever is in front of them. People who do these things ruin it for people who want to have a proper fair race.

I find it unbelievable that there is no way to report people who are racing like this, we need a system that allows people to play like idiots but with other idiots. We need a system where if you race against people who race like that you can report them, then once they have had enough reports they get put into lobbys with people who also have a certain number of reports that way the people who want to actually race will be put with people who also want to race and the people who want to play bumpercars, aim for people when approaching corners, hit people so they miss checkpoints or how fast can i hit this corner so the wall sends me where i need to go can play with other like minded individuals.

Just a thought
Let me know what you think.


Just change ranked to “collision off” and replace the walls with grippy material to prevent wall-riding. A report system won’t work efficiently and is a lot more resource-heavy.
Why do people race like douchebags? Because the current state rewards reckless, rude and exploitative racing. All fine for unranked and players who like it. That this also works in ranked only shows how little thought went into online MP from PG.


A lot of it has to do with very unskilled drivers being dropped into an S1 or S2 championship (cars they can’t handle) which is often offroad or cross country where they have even less skill and experience in vehicles not equipped for the task at hand. This causes most of the problems. Sure there are actual douchebags out there to but mostly drivers who are not only in the wrong car with the wrong build but at a class level they can’t drive effectively.

The skew to the “top end” is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. The B, C, and D classes in H4 handle exceptionally well with minimal handling upgrades as opposed to H3 where all lower classes were built to be rocket ships with no handling. Let people race in something they can actually drive. It’s a lot more fun but everybody needs their hypercar or extreme track toy even though they can’t handle the power.


So very true.

I think a lot of these problems could have been revealed if they would have done a multiplayer beta test to just see how the player base reacts to these events.

I just have to laugh now when I see team mates wrecking each other fighting for one flag and lose the race because they forced their team mates off the course but hey finished first.

I didnt think about collisions off thanks, they defiantly need to look into this and try think up a way to discourage people from racing that way.
Problem with collisions off is i dont have to manage my speed when im behind someone making it abit less fun for me but its a good fix for now. The walls should be removed so if you overshoot its up to you to correct and get back in the race. All i see at the moment is half the lobby using the walls to turn, but then you run into the problem of people using the racers in front to turn smashing them off the track.

The idea of of having teams competing is the reason everyone drives dirty online, trying to beat the other team by any means necessary.

And from someone who enjoys clean and fair racing, there is really no incentive to do so in ranked or unranked when everyone else in the other team (or sometimes your team aswell) is trying to take you out or make you miss checkpoints.


Was surprised at first when i saw that the ranked was team only.
Didnt try it yet to be honnest.
But i did the 3 forzathon race player vs bots…

If that is any indication, ranked will be bad…

Yeah i assumed that i would get away from all the bad driving once i unlocked ranked but i have been proved wrong.

Ranked is a joke they put 0 effort into it and spent months making idiotic clothing. 6v6 teams don’t work if i cant carry my team… I could finish 1st 5 times in a row and still lose because my teamates are off in a field comparing dance moves. ( not to mention that if i invite any friends who can drive into a ranked lobby the game just wont work )

Doesn’t help either how narrow some of the layouts are especially when you are in S1 or S2.

I’ve noticed if I start close to the front, it’s ok. Even had a really good back and force dirt race where the guy and I would bump each other but never in a way to hurt the other. It was equivalent to local short track racing. Then I missed a checkpoint and it was a disaster from then on.

If I start mid pack or worse, it’s a painful race.

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Yeah its the same for me, if i start up front its normally fine unless i mess up.
I dont mind a few bumps when your are in friendly competition with someone, i enjoy it to be honest. It would be nice to get a lobby full of racers like that instead of the ones that hit you off.

If i start mid pack i try my hardest to get in front as quick as possible but 99% of the time you dont get close because everyone apart from 1st is playing bumper cars haha.