Forza horizon 4 Ranked opinion and what needs to change (imo)

As far as you are all aware, The forza horizon 4 ranked experience is really not so great. You are currently waiting half an hour for a single game cuz they either leave, dont accept or even dc. And even after waiting for so long you are still unrewarded by how you drive, it doesnt matter if you are first every race, you get punished and deranked if your team sucks (most of the time)

Some major changes that need to happen in my opinion (feel free to argue or suggest down below :p)
-Waiting times: This is a no brainer it takes way to long, most of the time this happens cuz people can’t accept when they are in their garage and can’t leave in time, make it so you can accept anything even when you are in the garage or photo mode etc.
-Rankup/Derank: Its quite unfair that you are ranking up or ranking down based on your team, so many people get in unfair ranks like that. Let the player rank up about his personal placements, lap times and clean racing etc. So many times you or your teammates getting an unfortunate placement because you either get intentionally bumbed so you miss a checkpoint and so on.
-Punishment: Sometime people can disconnect but they are way to often banned for no reason. make it so people can reconnect if the game crashes.
-Punishment: (once again) People that bump you with intention should get +5 seconds or so added to their time or make it so they don’t even rank up. Also an option is to have another ranked mode with no collision.

(edit) -ranked with a friend: Make it so you can queue with friends with atleast 1 or 2 friends, a full team is unbalanced we are all aware of that, Maybe try to implement it like other games, make it so if you queue with 1 friend you race against other players with 1 friend or so and so on.

Feel free to agree/disagree with me down here :slight_smile: If you have anyother suggestions leave it down here.

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The punishment for ‘bumping’ shouldn’t be a thing, it a Horizon game, it’s gonna happen. I could see if they implemented it as a system that removes a point from the rank gauge for every collision. Even that would be a bit extreme, especially for cross country and dirt tracks where no one seems to be able to control their car.

No one should be banned for disconnecting, especially since 99% of the time it’s out of their hands.

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Yes i can agree with that opinion, punishment for bumping is a little over the top :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be difficult to recognize whether the bumping was intender or not. So it would be unfair. In my opinion ranked adventure should be with collisions OFF.

Right now it is a fest of everyone bumping and crashing each other.