The new drift mode on chase camera should have it´s own option on menu

I loved the cockpit drift camera and I love the regular chase camera, but with the new update I´ll have to choose between drift cam or not at all, going into the menu constantly to active/deactivate it.

This is such a mistake as it also shares the same settings for the cockpit drift camera, this makes no sense at all and right after logging in the game I noticed the new weird cam. New features like this should have it´s own options and not change the experience/gameplay by forcing you to either have the new feature or disabling it and not being able to have what we had before at all.


This. After trying the new drift camera, I’m not a fan at all. It feels like it was added more to look good in YouTube and TikTok videos than to actually be useful for drifters. It’s really messing up my lines and it’s darn near impossible to tell how much angle I have and whether or not I’m going to spin. The cockpit drift camera, however, is great and should be a separate option.

I think this is just going to be a matter of getting used to it. I can see the angle of the car better and it helps me hold the drift longer not much longer its still to new to me but I feel like over time with using it it will help. Its all comes down to preference.
Overall its a nice edition, now we just need a DRIFT update to come sooner than later

Fixing the Drift Adventure would be a good start. The lack of drivetrain restrictions, incredibly short time to set laps, and inability to choose what class/drivetrain you wanted to compete in really pushed me away from the mode.

that would be nice but it may be too hard for them to do lol

I would be happy if they added a few more drift zones and maybe some more tracks to the open id play more. its really just starting to become to repetitive

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Have you tried the drift maps in EventLab? I don’t know if you follow Formula Drift (USA) specifically but there’s a guy by the name of ChrisRuggier076 who has made amazing replicas of all the current Formula Drift tracks, along with many other tracks from DMEC (Europe) and FD Japan.

Might make drifting in this game fun for you again if you’re burned out, it did so for me.

No, I’m not big on event lab stuff, I have played some but I dont really go searching for anything. id rather play online when it comes but as we know its not worth as fun as it was. I will look into it.
started to do rivals again as of the past few weeks. then saw this update for the camera and wanted to give it a go

I really like it when using controller, on wheel i always use bumber view. I didnt try it alot but the the time i did i really liked it. But yeah would be great to be able to turn it on and off fast or even better, bind to to a car.

Have you tried messing around with the speed and angle settings? I don’t like the default settings but when I make it slightly more sensitive I enjoy it as a better race chase cam

I’m not the one you tagged but have noticed some cars I need to adjust it a little bit just need to find the sweet spot

Drift physics have become significantly worse

Are you playing from the Cloud by chance? @AnakalaRon has had issues with janky physics while playing from the Cloud.

Yes agreed. Its definitely messing my lines and ability to correct the car on turns. Ive got some cars with enough body roll that the game thinks the car is drifting and it makes me feel like im playing need for speed when im driving in chase camera :face_vomiting: Hopefully the devs see the negative feedback about this soon and give us an option in the drift camera section for which camera angles we want to have drift camera.


Glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t like combined FPP and TPP drift cameras :sweat_smile:

I’ve made a suggestion to make them separate:

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Is it really that hard to turn on and off a camera for when you want to use it. I dont like drift camera in the car but I always left it on just never used that view and when I did I would turn off the camera it took all of 5 seconds. The new drift camera settings are fine you just need to spend time playing with it. Its been years for most of us with repetitive movements and views change the way its viewed and now you yourself needs to adjust the way you play. I said it earlier its going to come down to preference.

I turned it off because I tend to drive around in chase more often than not in this game, and so it was throwing me off when I would drive cars on the loose side. However… when I drift I prefer cockpit view, and I like having drift cam on in those cases.

This is why I agree with OP in this case, I found it intrusive to the 3rd person view and since that is what I mostly do. …but I want it on when I am drifting in 1st person.

You’re telling me: in an open world game I need to hit pause and change the setting when I want to drift a zone? To change cameras, I have a button… it doesn’t stop my playing the game to toggle it.


yeah if its drifting you want to do then pick your drift vehicle and switch your settings. if you want to drive “race” cars you need to then pause the game and pick a different car while paused just go and switch your settings.

agreed on this. it was suddenly activated on my chase cam and I didn’t know what was going on for a while. only very rarely use cockpit, and only for drifting, and have left it on for that reason.

I also agree to this.
Cockpit drift cam is cool and easy to tune and to adapt.
The chase drift cam doesn’t feel “natural” and spoiles the gameplay when trying to be clean.
I Hope they will give the option to switch them on or off independantly.

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I don’t use cockpit views unless I’m using a wheel, which I’ve never even tried on any FH game, so I can only talk about the new drift cam which I like alot after a few tweaks to the settings. But still it should be a separate setting for both.