The Future Of Forza Horizon 4

I don’t know if it’s just me who thinks this way. But I think that FH4 has diluted down to a little kids version of a racing game. The reason I say this is because there hasn’t really felt like there has been any emphasis on car enthusiasts. Even coming from a kid, I know the Lego expansion was horrible. I understand that it was a sponsor. But even after that expansion you can add some more customization or even a patch for sound design. But, no. The sound for every car is a lazy copy and paste with no depth or bass. I can understand if the sound design team is stressed out of making new sound files for the next game. But as many people know. Playground games and Turn10 delayed the new games to compensate for bug fixes on the other two titles and a new console launch.

I think the next games after this should have more emphasis on what people want. I personally like the eliminator, but people weren’t asking for a battle royale mode in a car game.
I’m pretty sure that if the developers would fix the sound, bugs give people what they want. Forza’s life cycle would be way bigger. Many people uninstalled the game because of repetitive challenges, lack of content support that’s behind challenges and sound. One other thing is that the setting wasn’t that good and the world felt lifeless. But that’s just hardware limitations for this generation of consoles. Hopefully all this could get fixed for the next console generation.

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