Tesla Cybertruck 2019-current

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Tesla Cybertruck


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It’s a stupid, ridiculous car, but yes, why not? Let’s thrash it around the map

Btw; I would much rather have the 2008 Roadster, Model S, 3, X and Y than the Cybertruck and new Roadster.


As much you dont like Musk, the CyberTruck exists (at least in prototype form), so if people like it they deserve the voices heared (even if I also prefer other eletric trucks like the Alpha Wolf)


Tesla cars are on games launched this year (Big Something 7), so if has a possibility so let them at least try it

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I think that Tesla should be represented in some way in FH5 with the Cybertruck being a good off road choice. It is also a very unique vehicle that would make it very popular among players


This car would be really interesting.


2023 Tesla CyberTruck Tri-Motor AWD (SUV) (800hp) for both Horizon and Motorsport

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I think the Cybertruck would make a fine addition to the off-road parts of the game!! Never going to own one in real life so it would be sweet to whip around and customize it in the game.


Sadly Elon is an imbecile so we won’t see this car in FH 5

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It’s a ridiculous car. I can’t imagine it being approved road worthy anywhere in the world (except for the USA)

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Not sure if this is a sad thing.

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You should add the Tesla Cybertruck to Horizon and Motorsport!

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I hope that they add it in because the prototype for the Tesla cyber truck just looks amazing in my opinion

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Most definitely

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Oh yeah.