Tesla Cybertruck 2019-current

2024 Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast

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Worst car ever made. That’s quite an accomplishment :clap:


You’re wrong, just look this space safe car how good is.

Just keep your fingers away when the frunk closes.

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Oh yeah I heard that that it’s dangerous.

Why does this have votes?

Because they don’t care maybe. Even on a dangerous car with cocodrile seats.:robot::red_car::iphone::dollar:
lol but it would be fun to drive. Especially the Cyberbeast which boast to 845 HP

Maybe it’s the people who bought one irl so they can drive it ingame without worrying about it breaking down.

Jokes aside I think it’s just another of those weird cars along the lines of the Peel P50/Trident.

Something unusual and kinda a failure irl but this one has close to 1000hp as the Cyberbeast so it’s fairly rapid compared to the other unusual cars ingame.

Not something I’m particularly interested in but I can understand why others are, I’d never touch a Tesla irl but ingame I’d definitely take the Cybertruck down the volcano just for fun.

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Don’t care about this vehicle

Then don’t vote on it.

We have plenty of other topics available.

A man after my own heart.

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