Team Adventure, mostly S2?


Went for team racing with some mates yesterday. I admit I did not went there for many weeks for reasons we all shared and that is not to debate about the way of racing of some guys here. What surprised me is that going from CS to CS, We had 4 S2 in a row, 3 of them in Winter + A in winter too and Single S1 in Autumn. So my question would be to know if some using that feature more frequently than I do, is it just even between A/S1/S2 Winter/Summer … or S2 is the most frequent ?

My first “adventure” of any given day is always S2, usually winter. Now I don’t mind S2 once in awhile, most people can’t drive them properly and very few tracks actually allow you to take advantage of S2 class, but the game is clearly catering to the S2 only crowd. Easy win against less skilled drivers, and a proper club can eliminate the better drivers through group bullying.
In time,I’m sure this game will devolve into S1 and S2 drift club, because nobody gonna be left playingexcept drifters and bangers.


I’m starting to wonder if certain lobbies come up on certain days. Yesterday XC came up maybe once or twice and there was plenty, PLENTY of S2 to go around. I wasnt complaining because it allowed me to tune my P1 on the fly. Each session my corners got better and better

I rarely see A - its almost always S1/S2 - and Winter is fair share of it.

I jump for joy inside when I get A Summer.

Still wish they would do C/B at all and A more. “everyone” apparently wants to ride around in Super Cars all the time :(.


raises hand

I like C and B too.


For me its mostly dirt or cross country, I counted once and I got 9/10 times dirt and cross country

kind of confirm my feeling that one month ago there was more occurence of A and S1 than now. for D,C,B even if I like those classes more than S2, I consider those are incompatible with free roam. Anyway thanks all for sharing feedback on the subject.

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When I first started doing online adventures I didn’t even know there was A class adventures for about a weeks time or so. Not until I saw someone doing A class on Youtube I realized there actually was A class adventures. And as you’re saying, there was more A class during a period before and now it’s mostly S2 again, which is torture. Not because I’m bad at it, but because it demands so much concentration and there are so many things flashing by at high speed it hurts my brain.

I think those COULD work for freeroam. People would really have to get creative about how they reach the finish. Might have to actually stick to roads instead going offroad so much. I’m up for the challenge

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It varies. I wish we could just choose. Sometimes, it kills my interest to be thrown into cross country when I want to race circuits and vice versa.

I do hope they fix this as I’m not a fan of S2 myself or Cross Country in most classes. If these popped up I’d have to leave the lobby and find another and it’s been a while but as I recall in FH4 that just takes forever. At least in FH3 I could quit and find a more suitable lobby to my liking in mere minutes.

I’ve started to boycott lapped races of all kinds. Anything that will allow wallriders to get ahead i’m completely out. Not until they implement the wallriding “fix.” There’s nothing that makes me more furious than someone sliding through all the races, around all the people who try to stay OFF the wall to take points from me. If you’re gonna beat me, beat me straight up. If you wanna drop out a room without losing your rank, dont even select a car. Drop the controller and wait the 45 seconds and let it time you out. If you go to the car select screen, its gonna throw you into the room and when you quit its gonna ban you