[TDi] - Team Drift Idiot - Now Recruiting Xbox One! (Ranked #153 Global)


Team Drift Idiot is now recruiting players to join our team on its crusade to become one of the top teams on the leader board. We are currently ranked #153 on the global leader boards and each day were rising. Our club currently has 175 Members. But be aware, This is subject to change as people are joining daily.

-BenSturgeonTDi (Founder)
-SmallZzy (Co Founder)
-www xe03 com (Co Founder)
-XxFAD3DxK1LRxX (Co Founder)
-IPeeDaily (Co Founder)

I would list all the members but that would take hours to check and list 175 Gamer tags.

We have club Paints available, Just search TDi under the description to Download them.
team paint

To join message me on xbox live or leave a post here, Saying Your Country and Gamer tag and Ill get back to you!

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We also have Twitter if you would like to run with us we hold tandem sessions that are posted out on are Twitter for you guy to join @TeamDriftIdiot hope to see you guys all are welcome if your a beginner to a pro we just like going sideways if I’m not available which is a lot of the time now due work commitments are co founders are here to help with everything just send a message :blush: I.e tunes,paint,sessions :blush:

Yo Im on here to join a club for some freaking drifting I got serious so send me a club invite or whatever MstBadGuy10