Team Drift Idiot [TDI] Tandem session

Hey whats up guys!

Team Drift Idiots will be hosting a Friday tandem session at 8:30 GMT/3:30 EST…

All drivetrains welcomed!

Come join the fun! And get sideways with us!

Add IPeeDaily or Bensturgeon162 for an invite

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Thanks to all the turned up for the Friday night tandem session those of you not playing destiny that is haha .#destinyTakingOverTheWorld here’s a few pictures for you guys anyway.#TDiFridays

Team Drift Idiot Youtube video CLICK HERE ! here’s a small video of a few weeks of tandem sessions put together for you guy to look back on if you like be sure to like and subscribe to are Co founders channel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: here’s a taste for you guys that want to join be sure to sign up on the drift team sub fourm :raised_hands: