tail light glare

on some cars, this is an enormous distraction. it’s basically a red line that takes up two thirds of the bottom of the screen, and worse at night - amplified by actually braking.

can we get lens flares/artifacts as an option, not default? that would solve the problem of anyone wanting to keep it and appease those like me who find it a nuisance.

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I also noticed they are a lot brighter in this game compared to FH4, reverse lights are the same. But otherwise the night lighting is very dark so it is a double whammy of being harder to see.

It seems Playground Games watched too many J. J. Abrams movies.


Good point even though I find it even more distracting that at certain lightings at night or when it’s getting dark the rear lights and break lights are more white than red. That’s some weird coloring imo

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