System linking 2 consoles for simulators

Hey does anyone know if its possible to system link xbox ones for motorsport 7 or better yet how to set up two simulators to race each other

As far as I know the only chances for this for this to work are two seperate xbox ones connecting to an xbox live lobby. Since you cant split screen with two sim setups

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Yea I’m starting to think the same that’s gonna make things more expensive than I was hoping oh well thanks either way here’s hoping someone’s got a cunning plan

Kind of funny that this cannot be done on the XB1, and I don’t think the Series consoles support peer to peer linking. But it is something that was easy to do with the XB360. I wonder why Microsoft didn’t bring this feature forward. Probably has something to do with them tightening their control of online gaming on the Xbox consoles.

Either way, it’s a lost opportunity. The older Forza’s allowed peer to peer, and even allowed multiscreen setups, as long as it was one console per screen. That in turn gave FM adjustable FOV up to FM4. Something that went away with the XB1 and FM5.