Switching the clutch and the brake pedals!

Let me begin by saying that I use an Xbox One and Logitech G920 wheel setup on a PlaySeat.

I find it very difficult to stretch my left foot to the right around the center bar of my PlaySeat and use the brake pedal. I’d really like to use the far left pedal for braking. Most racing sims I’ve used have the ability to switch the brake and clutch pedals or reassign functions but I cannot find this option in Forsa 6.

Am I looking in the wrong place? Is this a feature that will be implemented in the future? Any suggestions?

Many Thanks,
Wintermoon II

I had the same experience with my G27 I suppose you could try to adjust the seat more, that may help. For what its worth, after I started using the tx pro pedals I don’t have that problem, they are just wide enough.