swap gpu0 to gpu1

Hello Houston, I have a problem…

I Have a rx580 and a GTX 750TI. All LCD screens is attached to rx580 on primary pci express slot. (closest to CPU)
but windows delivered GPU 0 assigment to GTX 750 (the weakest gpu).

I removed the GTX from pc, formated windows and add GTX later, but windows still delivering GPU 0 to GTX as soon I install it.

FM7 aways choose gpu 0 (the weakest one) to render. I tried everything inside nvidia and radeon drivers to force start FM7 throug AMD card. but nothing works.

The only way I founded to force rx580 to render is disable GTX from windows 10 device manager, and then start the game.

is there anyway through regedit or something to swap GPU 0 ↔ GPU 1 ?