Suggestion: New Track Rotation System

Hello Everyone,

i followed this forum for some time, and this is my first topic. So, hello!
The recent development of the game seems to be going very well. Yet there are plenty of things that could change. Like the current track rotation system. It seems that the random function, or even the two options we get (which is also random chosen), are picked from the whole track configuration pool (so hundrets of configurations). I think this is wrong. We got like 13 different configurations of VIR (don’t really know the exact number), and 1 of Laguna Seca. So VIR will be suggested and picked by the random function 13 times! more often. This is really sad, because Forza is all about variation. I want to race on all tracks. This system kills it.
My suggestion:
The System should pick by the Enviroment. So 32 Enviroments (Tracks), 1 will be chosen in the first step and the configuration out of this will be chosen by random in the next step. So you have a chance of 1/32 to have Laguna Seca, aswell as VIR. The second step can be totally random, and therefore hidden. How about that? What are your thoughts?

Also I would like race on sunny days more often than on cloudy or rainy days. The probability to race with sunny weather should be at least 60-70%. The game has so many variations of bad weather, so the game looks most of the time dreary.

Greeetings QuadratHund


I agree with the first suggestion, however, the weather should be set to a certain probability scale in terms of the real life environment. Dry tracks it should almost never rain. Wet environments like England should get clouds or rain more often.


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I agree. But IMO i think it should be adjusted that little bit towards the more brighter side of life, if you know what I mean. It’s very rarely sunny. And if it is, the weather looks still grey-ish. When I play I want to feel happy, not depressed. I got rain here all the time in RL, don’t need it in VL.
Even at Laguna Seca (I raced it 3 times or so in MP (it was a bliss)) it doesn’t look as sunny as in Forza 4, if I remember correctly (last Forza I played). Btw Sonoma is always dreary.

I wish I could hit the like button more than once because I would have spent my whole morning clicking. Click Click Click Click Click.

I agree fully with original post.