Subaru XT 1985-1991 (Alcyone, Vortex)

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Subaru XT (Alcyone, Vortex)


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Which engine do you prefer?

  • Flat-4
  • Flat-6 (Facelift)
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Which drivetrain do you prefer?

  • RWD
  • AWD
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Which version do you prefer?

  • Pre-facelift (1985-1987)
  • Facelift (1988-1991)
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1987 XT 4WD

It’s quite unique forgotten car that in my opinion deserves more attention and place in Forza


Deserves to enter the Forza universe for its interior alone!


1987 Subaru Alcyone VX


The XT6 (H6 engine) would be a great add.