Honda NSX 1991-2005 (Acura NSX)

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Honda NSX (Acura NSX)

This topic is for voting on variants of this model other than the 1992 Honda NSX-R, 2005 Honda NSX-R and 2005 Honda NSX-R GT already featured in FH5.

This model has also been represented in Forza games as the:

  • 1997 Acura NSX (FM1-FM4)
  • 2005 Acura NSX (FM1-FM4)

This topic includes the facelifts and both Acura and Honda versions.


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Which brand (and steering side) do you prefer?

  • Honda (RHD)
  • Acura (LHD)
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Which models do you prefer?

  • NSX
  • NSX-T
  • NSX Type S
  • NSX Type S-Zero (Honda)
  • NSX Alex Zanardi Edition (Acura)
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Which version do you prefer?

  • Original (1991-1996)
  • Update (1997-2001)
  • Facelift (2002-2005)
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Oh yes, the NSX-T, a car that should absolutely be in FH5 considering its convertible functionality.

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Why not the original Honda version?

there already is a Type R in the game, but I would love to see any other version of the NSX, whether that’d be a 1990 Honda NSX, this Acura NSX-T or an NSX Type S

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Basically a Japan Exclusive NA1 Honda NSX with an increased 3.2L Displacement, Lower Weight, Stiffer Suspension, Bigger Brakes and a 6-Speed Manual.

This was the Car that replaced the NA1 NSX Type-R for all intents and purposes in Japan.

The Type-S Zero was more of a track focused model and lacked amenities such as Traction Control, Power Steering, Satnav, Stereo and had less Cabin Sound Proofing which lead to a total weight of around 1280kg (2820lbs). It also featured a new set of 16 and 17 inch BBS Aluminium Rims like the normal Type S but had a Dual-Disc Clutch System on the Transmission isntead of the heavier Dual Mass Flywheel of the standard car.

The increase in Engine Displacement lead to a rather good increase in Power of around 20hp which lead to a 290hp Total (216kw) with 305 N.m of torque (225 lb-ft)

The Stiffer Suspension used on the Zero is actually the same as the one from the Type R but it kept the larger ARB’s of the normal Type-S to make it a bit more responsive.

All the improvements lead to the car being around 1.5s faster around the Suzuka Circuit than the Honda NSX-R it replaced, however, only 30 Type-S Zeros were produced making it the second Rarest NSX behind the NSX-R GT Homogolation Specials.

1997 NSX Type-S Zero

2000 NSX Type-S Zero


1997 Honda NSX Type S-Zero


Too bad we can’t paint the roof of the regular NSX-R we have otherwise we could build our own replica of it. The new 5Zigen SC3000 wheels are a nice substitute for the S-Zero’s wheels.

Would be a cool addition to the game nonetheless, especially because we’ll get an NSX with paintable roof :slight_smile:

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05 NSX-R is a must surely plz…I only have the one design since FM2 and it’s still going strong today lol



Love the NSX, love that we have as many variants as we do, but I must admit to really missing having the Acura versions from FM4 as well as I do feel more comfortable with left hand drive.

That said, love the earlier NSX models the best and a removable targa panel needs to happen!


Add this edition as a stock car.

The Honda Version is both left and right hand drive

I would love to see the NSX-T

Good to know, though I believe all of the Honda ones in the Forza franchise are modeled with right hand drive while the previous Acura ones were left.