Subaru SVX (Alcyone) 1991-1996

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Subaru SVX


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The only nitpick I had about the SVX when it was in FM was the interior - I dunno about you but when I think of luxury early-mid 90s cars was leather and wood. The current seats are fine, but I think leather would make it look better personally.


Would LOVE to see the SVX make it’s way into FH5! One of my favorite cars!!


The SVX needs to return to Forza, the numbers of the real car get fewer by the day. Its owners get together every 5 years for huge anniversary events, went to the 10 year as kid when we took my dads SVX, they are holding the 30 year anniversary this month actually.

Due to pretty much no aftermarket support and extremely limited factory support these days owners have to do their own custom repairs to keep these old girls running, honestly the history and story of this car just begs to be used as a barn find. It has the credentials of a proper ingame barn find car.

Its extremely rare, its unique, and keeping them around/restoring them is a pure labor of love. Heck could even include her history of serving as the Indy 500 pace car, complete with her classic advertising poster with the tag line “Subaru SVX Sets The Pace”

PS the model ran 92 to 97


This car is so cool


There was no reason for getting rid of this car from Horizon 4 and not returning it to Horizon 5. It’s an incredibly unique car, and in video games it’s not plagued with the issues the real thing has. It never got the love it deserved from both the manufacturer itself and Forza. Bring it back, together with making its engine an Engine Swap option for the BRZ, GT86 and GR86.


+1 for the SVX, but update the interior to the LS-L/LSi interior (leather, woodgrain trim instead of base model grey, sunroof (maybe make it openable? that’d be cool)) - it would be the perfect car for FH4/5 and beyond. I was very sad when it didn’t come back to FH4 and now 5, and literally bought FM7 just to drive it around the Nurburgring. @Numot15 has it exactly right - these cars are a labor of love, and now as an owner more than ever I’d love to drive one around Mexico!


1991 Subaru Alcyone SVX

JDM-Spec. Not that much different from the existing imported version seen in past games, but pretty much every Japanese car but this on my personal wish list so far has been left-hand drive, so this is more of a “satisfy my OCD” request.


One of the students at my school drives one of these. It looks pretty cool.

I can’t believe that Turn 10 has let go of the Subaru SVX!