Stunt rating prevents actual playing

This is really starting to annoy me. That rating you get one you do a stunt such a speed trap or drifting, it is preventing me from doing things I want and it is really annoying all because when that info is being displayed across the bottom the select button, A on Xbox, does not register.

Here is an example:

Come up to a divator to do a head to head race but hit a speed trap. Instead of being able to start the race I have to sit there and see

  1. My speed (Did not care so was not trying)
  2. How I compare to the rest of the world
  3. How I compare to my club or friends
  4. How much I need to improve to hit the next star

So, I care about NONE of this most of the time. If you want to display it that is fine but there should be no reason that you prevent me from playing the game just to show it to me.

Here is what showing me that info can prevent.

  1. Starting a championship race or any other race because the start just happens to be next to some pr stunt that you passed through to get here.
  2. A head to head challenge
  3. Rewind (You want to do better on that corner)
  4. The Picture Promo mode
  5. Entering a Horizon building. (The one in Surfer’s Paradise is right next to a speed trap and it will never let me enter until it slowly goes through all the unimportant info)

Please stop this.

P.S. You forum is still slow and terrible to try and use. Please the search never works. It also tells me my browser may not be able to support everything because you are stupidly still using Flash or something terrible like that.