Stop duplicate cosmetic items!

You can definitely land on a duplicate cosmetic item in a wheelspin. You don’t “win” it, it doesn’t appear as a duplicate in your collection, so essentially is a dead spin. But you definitely CAN GET duplicate clothing items in wheelspins. Thus making that wheelspin completely irrelevant.

I have landed on multiple, multiple, clothing items that I already had (easy to spot ones too - red biker helmet. chainmail skirt)

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Stop with this, you cannot land on a duplicate cosmetic item, once you unlock them, they will never appear again.

You can. Pink Bike Boots are one of those items you remember getting. Ive gotten them three times now. If I cant get duplicate items how come I have had 3 boots roll and the only boots I have are the pink ones?

You CAN roll duplicate items.


You can’t get duplicate cosmetics. Go document it all you like but I’m sorry to say there are a lot of mistaken people in this thread.

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Are there any arguments to back your claim? Right now it’s empty words. There multiple people here saying that they have received duplicate cosmetic items. I myself have encountered impossible to mistake items multiple times. I have gotten the same helmet twice. I have gotten the same pants 3 times. Others claim to have experience the same thing.

You just saying “not true” is of no value, unless you can actually prove it is not true. To prove that you would need to:

  • show us where in the wheelspin codebase it mentions that there cannot be duplicate cosmetic drops
  • show us an exact actual quote from someone from Playground Game or Turn 10 that has a developer saying that “no, there are no duplicate cosmetics”.

Unless you provide either or both of those things, there is, empirically, absolutely no way for you to disprove our claims. Just because you haven’t received any duplicate doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to others.


Uh yes, as I said I own every cosmetic in the game, and I don’t see them anymore. Don’t have to show you a quote or database when the evidence is literally in front of you. How are you so sure people aren’t just confusing certain items? There’s a lot of cosmetics that look similar to each other, but are not the same.

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That doesn’t prove you can’t get duplicates, the game could just have a flag that is set when the player has all of them that makes it not give them out any more. That mechanism wouldn’t have any impact on whether or not the player gets duplicates before they have them all.

I have landed on the same t-shirt on different spins, care to explane how that happened?

Took 2 hours to write down all items I had and do 47 spins.

You do get duplicates

yellow wellies came up again
So did chain mail t shirt
2 shark wellies on top of already having them.

I thought that I might be mistaken at first listening to you because there are similar rubbish but I’ll just have to wait till I have them all for this to stop I don’t know if this is supposed to happen. Oh well never thought I’d say this but I’m hoping to get every clothing and useless item in my wheelspins from now on just get them out of the way early, don’t forget it hasn’t even been a month from release.
Just enjoy the game as for earning them get real they give you them for pretty much anything. Win cars on a spin go back to driving and look wow given another wheel spin for collecting cars. There is no grind and even Forza editions are easy to come by just buy a certain car, drift and smash things for a bit and get them through mastery’s. If anything the games giving too much for free far too early and easily.

If anything I think they should add in more cosmetics but only for cars. Imagine owning a car that has certain bodykit or wheels you can’t just buy in upgrades, that would be something I’d like to see in wheel spins. Uniqueness.


Kudos for doing all that work. I had 3 clothes/emotes/horns where I thought I already had them, but there’s no way to prove it without doing what you did. I may have had many more where I didn’t remember already having the item. The intent seems to be for there to be no duplicates, so hopefully PG can fix the bug.

A lot of work to come up wrong in the end.

well that’s just great, we work hard to earn a super wheel spin and it lands on 2 pieces of clothing and a horn, all of which you have already won before. So the super wheel spin was “WASTED”.

I still stand behind this, there is 1 guy at PG walking around the office saying “TOLD YOU SO!!” this guy is living it up after trying to tell everyone else that no one will like the game you are building.

Being objectively wrong isn’t really an “I told you so” moment.


I’d actually like a system where if you got a duplicate item, they’d take money off you lol. Make wheelspins more interesting and would help the economy just a bit.


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You don’t want to believe, that’s fine. I am waiting for your evidence that duplicates happen.


I asked PG/T10/Forza support on twitter, hopefully we’ll get an answer.

We already have gotten one, in another thread:

For those who aren’t aware. RetroKrystal is a T10/PG employee.


All items? can retrokrystal say do that mean cars also or just clothes and emotes and horns? I have all emotes and horns and i havent see those anymore but i get duplicate cars all the time and no wonder because i allready all common cars and miss only 8 rare ones and punch of epics and legendarys.

What people are missing is that the same quote from Krystal, stated that you shouldn’t get duplicates until you have ALL the items. So, it is entirely possible that you see duplicates in spins if you have ALL the items.

I believe she was asked the same thing in that same thread and I don’t recall seeing an official response on whether or not cars were included or not, but I would assume not.