Still have to purchase DLC cars with in-game credits?

I pre-ordered Horizon 2 from gamestop to get the exclusive 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. I’m redeemed my code and downloaded the car to my console, but when I got to the Autoshow to purchase cars, I see the car in there but I still have to pay 200,000cr to get the car. Is this apart of the server issues they are having, or is this by design? If this is by design, that is terrible. Wasn’t the backlash from doing this in Forza 5 enough?

When things are working properly the DLC cars will show a price of 0. I installed the Gallardo today.


whew thanks.

You’re better off then I am. I used the code, but the car doesn’t even show up in the Autoshow…

I’m having the same issue. My Ferrari from Amazon doesn’t even show up in the Autoshow.

At what point does the Autoshow unlock? I’m still waiting to be able to buy a car.


This, please. lol.

When you arrive at Nice

The cause of the backlash in FM5 was the ridiculous token prices in FM5. Else, the whole “free DLC car” thing wouldn’t have happened.

I don’t think so. Almost every post I dealt with regarding DLC cars and credits was due to the impression by players that if they paid for DLC they should get the cars for free (ignoring the fact that this isn’t how it works when you buy the game). And if I recall correctly this complaint dated back to games before FM5’s token system.

I know my pre-order car showed that I had to pay last night (2013 BMW M6) but the rest of the DLC cars (Launch, Day One, VIP) could all be purchased for free. Just added the Audi, so I’ll have to check if that worked right.

I don’t understand wanting to have the dlc cars in your garage right away, isn’t part of playing the game earning credits to afford the new cars?

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It is if you are buying cars from the autoshow, but I can understand the frustration if someone spent real money for cars and they don’t immediately appear in your garage. It should in theory be a substitute for all the time spent.


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If you pay additional money for cars they should all be free. It should be up to individual players to decide if they want to earn those cars.

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I pre-ordered mine digitally off of Xbox and today I went to the Autoshow and I could buy them for free. They won’t be in your garage at first, you will need to buy them for free then you’ll be good.

Yesterday my pre order car and day one cars all had price tags. Just got home from work and checked the autoshow and they were all free. I got all my dlc cars now. Keep checkin guys, if they’re not free yet, they should be real soon.