still dont have VIP cars

I went to autoshow/dlc cars on the picture to right and the 5 cars were there i selected all 5 chose paint jobs. My cars still are not in the garage. How much longer does it take afterwards? Yes i have the crown next to my tag and i do get double on cash wheel spins.

Did it ask you to confirm adding the car for free?

If you find the car again in the autoshow is it wanting you to pay credits or are they still showing as free?

Thanks man after paint downloads then push A then it asks confirm then yes and yep i got them all. I still dont know what the exclusive online events
community gifts
"and more is. and thats all i dont know now about the VIP.

They send you one car a month with a special vip paint on it
Nothing really extra special though

ah ok thanks again talby71. I am embarrassed i with blind luck found the list of players on the console. However i cant remember how i did it please remind me. I am 50 and my memory isnt as good.