Oh well, another thing to add to the list of things that don’t work.:joy:

Same problem here, have tried all suggestions listed and cannot get the “photo during snow” box to trigger. Yet another bug issue?

I tried multiple blueprints for this one. It also happened to be snowing when I drove up there today. I tried different spots in the area as well as trying a car that I hadn’t taken a pic of before.


same here…

The only longshot I have left is if I need to use the first car I tried it with but when it’s snowing… as the first and last parts of the accolade requirements are always checked…

Merry Christmas All
Did think i should be a good day to try .I have snow on the windscreen still does not work for me

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With Forza Horizon 5 series 4 Update the bug seems to be fixed.
I‘ve create a blue-print which can be used to unlock the photo accolade: 115 006 822
This worked fine for me. Just give it a try too. :slight_smile:


worked perfectly! danke werner :slight_smile:

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Yup worked for me doing someone’s bluprint race. I tried making a Super7 challenge card but this didn’t work.

Mine just worked. Event share code 994 950 402.

Worked for me. :+1:

ya its one year later but its just a workaround

it never got fixed and still doesn’t work in free-roam

edit: I just got the STAY FROSTY Accolade in free-roam when I did a photo with the portraitmode giudeline and the avatar on driverseat

Hi All,

Can confirm that the above for the stay frosty accolade works with the above setting :+1:t2:

I was able to get this accolade using eventlab share code 348 874 382 1/19/24

Edit : I said BS, that was not how I got it xD

Oh man you’ve made my day. It worked perfectly. Thank you so much.