Starting Grid Position?

I had much less trouble with C-Class today as there were 4 or 5 of us in a hopper who were clean & starting up front.

Incidents still happen of course but for us faster players hopefully things are on the up now.

Something’s broken; I just won a race where my best lap was the only clean one and was 4 seconds faster than anyone else’s, and I started the next race in 12th.

There may have been a couple of new starters, but no way was there 11.

Since it was implemented i raced 8 winning 6 with me starting top 3 every race in s class.So i can say it’s been a success so far…

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Did a few races in ghost league today and while there were one or two that were off by maybe a few, it mostly seemed to work. Until I left the lobby and rejoined a different one and started the first race at the front of the grid. Not really complaining since it was ghost league, just an observation.