Stanced cars

Any tips on building stanced cars?

Fit the race springs and play with the steering geometry till you get the stance you are after. Camber adjusts the wheel angle but watch out for the tyre temps if you want the car to perform well too LOL.

Ive managed to get them low enough buy im struggling to get the fitment right. Ive broken my wrist so i cant drive very well right now so hamdling doesnt really matter jjust now. As long as it sits nice.

Also if theres anyone else out there whos into building stance cars then add me on xbox my gt is: matthewcb96

So you have adjusted the ride height using the spring settings. Now go to the Alignment settings and adjust the Camber. Camber adjustments are limited to + or - 5 degrees on the front and rear wheels. It’s not clear what you are struggling with? Negative camber creates this effect / \ Positive camber creates this \ / Is this what you mean?

I understand how alignment works. I was just wondering if there were any tricks to getting a car to sit cleaner, less arch gap basically

Any car with a widebody,
Rally springs
Lower it down all the way
Max negative camber
Works really well on the 911 GT2 and any BMW widebody