Spectate Mode Bug/Glitch

I used the spectate mode a few times when I joined a lobby. But every time when the following race is started (not in spectate mode!!!) I was in a car of another player and can not do anything. I was able to shift and the shift display/gear number changes but nothing else. My car stops at the side of the road ( I see it every lap from the other car ) but I’m trapped in the other car !?
The car I’m sitting in then drives forward sideways backwards over the track, as if the direction of the view is being influenced by my car but being driven by someone else. really strange
I have lost over 200 League Points because of this … Please Fix this. THX

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Yup. Race starts, shows I’m participating in the race, but I’m watching someone else. It’s unreal the amount of bugs in the game 5 months after release.


Same here. Happens every few races since the last update.

Same here, I’d say out of 20 online races attempted this past weekend, I was stuck in someone elses car for 10 of them. I still have full control over my own car, but obviously couldn’t do anything with it. I couldn’t find any consistency in what caused it to happen. It did it randomly after doing a few races without any issues, and also did it on the first race after launching the game. One time it did it 3 races in a row, before I finally just turned the game off. I literally sat at there for 30 minutes straight trying to do 1 race.

Bump… Any Solution found for this ?

Check again after installing today’s content update, which is releasing in about 10 minutes from now.

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I started a similar thread not too long ago:

I’m patching now, I’ll post results later

Still happening. Multiplayer is about 90% useless. At this point, it’s 9 out of 10 races I try to enter, I am put in someone elses car. Still not a single consistent factor that leads to it. Start from a fresh PC boot, or from hours of single player mode, from any car, any class, trying to switch cars prior to the race or not, nothing I do has any impact, 9/10 times I start in someone elses car.

I’d rather multiplayer just be disabled until this [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] is fixed, so I wouldn’t waste 20 minutes trying to race every few days, just to find out the problem still exists.

I can’t believe a bug this large can exist in this first place. It clearly started at the last update, so just undo whatever the hell you did.

This is on top of the constant black screen followed by crash to desktop that I get whenever I actually can finish a multiplayer race.

Unbelievable. This is my first, and likely last, PC game. I fully regret spending $600 on a wheel and graphics card for a game that I can’t even play. I might has well have flushed that money down the toilet.

So far so good. Got back up to Pinnacle tonight. So far have not ended up in another player’s car in 20 or so races

Still happens to me even after the update. Just as often if not more.

that is really sad …
cmon T10 this is unacceptable

If this not get Sorted … RIP forza racing championship… :-/
I will make an first afterpatch test tonight .

Maybe if/when it happens during the ForzaRC they’ll push to fix.

So far still has not occurred for me though. I’ll be racing more over the weekend and will update if I see the issue as well.

Spectate is great, but forced spectate while also being a part of the race sucks. And if you’re racing Leagues, you’re just getting screwed out of points. I dropped from Pinnacle back to Elite at one point due to the bug.

So I can confirm this is still an issue. Happened to me again for the first time since the update. T10, you’ve got a bunch of reports on this now. Please investigate. This is game-breaking for competitive play. I for one am losing confidence in the stability of this game.

Sincerely, a Forza 7 Ultimate owner.

I’ve done some testing and I think I might be onto something. Before the races, I always check out the other drivers in the lobby to see their setups, liveries etc. For a few days now, I haven’t done that and I haven’t encountered the bug.

Maybe if you click on a certain driver in the lobby, the game puts you in their car because it thinks that you’re trying to spectate them.

I’ve tried this too, though using the mouse sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you mouse over a name the game likes to jump to the driver list. That said, I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve browsed the lineup and it not being an issue.

ForzaRC is coming up in almost 2 weeks, the flag is already up in the multiplayer menu. I really REALLY hope they resolve this before that goes live.

I may even try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Not the best solution considering the game’s size but worth a shot. Has this happened to anyone using the xbox or just PC players?

PC user here, was happening every 5th/6th time but today is happening EVERY time. Can see my car on the grid in the rear view mirror of the car I’m in. Multiplayer unusable for me now.