Solved: Can't share design, say Inappropriate content, but it really can't be

When I tried to share my latest car design I get an error saying:

Inappropriate content
You specified something that was blocked by the language filter
Please try again.

Really cant see what the inappropriate thing could be in this case.

It is a single color car (with some stripes and the logo of the manufacturer on it (of my own design, not a locked design)
The car is a Honda Civic Type-R 2004

There is no text on the car what so ever, so it cant be that it reacts to, and no images either really, just stripes

Design is saved with the name: Black and Gold (but tried others as well)

When i share i choose:
Keyword1: Racing (tried different once as well)
Keyword2: Realistic (tried different once as well)
I leave the description blank, but have also tried to type something in , same result.

I share and then get the error.

What could possibly be the inappropriate thing causing this.

Have you blocked your own Keywords?

An update: can’t share a photo of the same car either.

The filters (which belong to Xbox Live and not an individual game) filter the user input, such as a description or file name on on the item. Try something different.

This topic has been in several threads here already, and Search is your friend on the forums, because you would already have the answer without posting.


I did search, did not find any answer … and I already tried different names and descriptions, like I wrote in my post. did not help.

I did find a solution on my own though, and seems to be a bug in the game:
When I first bought the car, I chose someone else s design, then later on I painted the car and created my own design instead.
Got the error I mentioned no matter what words I chose or what ever description or keywords I chose.

I then though it might be something left from the previous designed I used, that the game did not remove properly when I changed the design on the car, and turns out it must be!

I decided to buy the exact same car again, (thankfully it was a cheap car) This time did not choose any design from the suggested list, instead just chose a color.
Then I applied the exact same design I saved before to this new car. Then I saved the design to the new car with the same name that was rejected before, and tried to share with same description and keywords as before, and behold … it worked without a problem!!

I can take pictures of this new car, I can share videos of it and so on, no problem at all. If I try again with the old car , I get same error as before “Inappropriate content” no matter what filename or description i give.

So conclusion, there is something stuck on this old car in the save that causes this issue … it is basically “tainted” by something, probably from the design I added to the car before, made by someone else

O well, sold the old car and now the issue is solved , kind of . Still say it is a bug in the game that Turn 10 should look into


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@ JudaZuk thanks for pointing this out . Not happened to me yet as I havent tried it . But it is good to know for the future as I have bought cars then added a design from the list .
So if I put my own design on it then try to share it , then it may cause that error ? .
I will keep it in mind anyway

At least this is what happen to me this time. I have chosen designs before and , created a lot of them on my own as well, and this has never happend before …

If it happens of course try different files names, different descriptions first, as this is what would be the most common problem, but if you still get this error, it could be worth to test and rebuy the car as I did. (not so fun though if it is a car for a couple of million CR :confused: )

I think it was something with the original design I chose that has an inappropriate name somehow, but did not get flagged when first shared, that then got transferred to my car. Then did not get removed properly when I repainted the car and started my own design. I can just guess of course.

Should of course not keep you from using other peoples great designs :slight_smile: