I can't share my design

So I tried multiple times upload and share my design but I keep getting an "inappropriate content " message. I’ve gone as far as not even using a file name all together and still, it won’t let me upload it. This would be my second upload on this game and the first time it worked just fine. Any help would be great, thanks.

Hey it has to do with how you are naming the file and what you are writing in the description. The other day I got blacked for a common word in a description. Just figure out what word it is and take it out or change it.

Was your design done on a car that you had previously put a design from the storefront on? There’s another thread floating around about the same problem, and that’s what was causing it. Try buying another of the same car but just choose a color rather than a design, upload your design from there.

I tried to upload a design named “USA”, they blocked it. Smdh

I had the same prob with one of my vinyls because with them being a major motorsport sponsor worldwide I thought there would be no problem but it seems no matter how big they are in the motorsport world Hiscox Insurance will not be making an appearance on Forza 6 paints any time soon. lol