So... I need some help

Hey guys,
So i Can’t drift very well and i fear i am annoying a lot of people, does anybody have the time or the patience to teach me how to do it properly?
I have been having trouble with initiating the drifts and trouble with changing the direction e.g corner to corner
If one of you would like to then please do :slight_smile:

Add me dude! We were all there at some point hell im nearly back at that stage the way drifting has gone since in FM5 haha the best thing to do is surround yourself with good drifters and that’ll push you to get better at staying on the right line and transitioning and initiating where you need to to make your drifts easier :slight_smile:

I just picked up the TM wheel and learning how to drift. Sad I’m new to the game and when I went online I felt like that guy who was just in the way… Soooo should I just keep looking at youtube and think none of this $&#^# is helping. Or see if someone online can help, or don’t be that guy and go online when I get better???

@HackdClient how is your help going
@FNK Hakosuka do you have room for 2???

Absolutely dude just send me an FR when you’re on :slight_smile:

I’ll hop on this gravy train. Add my GT when you guys can, and I’ll drift with ya!

I’ve been drifting since Forza 4. I can help you guys to drift Rear Wheeled Cars. :slight_smile: Add me my GT is the same as the name on this.

Same same blakey! But HMU if you wanna get better at drifting!