Simple/Simplified Menu Option

- Lost in a Sea of multi sized/colored squares/rectangles
  • May we please have a simple menu option for those of us who can not find our way out?

  • The average player can’t find anything they’re looking for in the pause menus

Could you provide more description of what a simplified menu would look like? Maybe an example of a game menu that works well for you?

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  • All boxes same size/color/font/highly visible

  • Easily organized vertically/alphabetically/or by importance

  • A ratio of 1 menu to 1 sub-menu

  • Your settings menu is almost a perfect match (if not for the unorganized sliders)

  • Or at the least, consider adding a tutorial that tells us all what each square, rectangle, or moving trapezoid does.

  • Every lobby I host, half the player base does not even know how to travel to the eventlab island, download tune codes, etc.