Show off you paint jobs here!

This is a topic to show off your paint jobs you created and the others can say what they think about it. (Plz no negative comments)
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Isn’t that kinda what this (paint booth) forum is for???

About your design, looks a bit simple, which can be good…
Maybe try and add a bit of depth to the speakers?
I don’t like the duplicates of the logo on the side of the car, but that could just be me…

And don’t take negative comments (or constructive critisism) like negative comments … take them in and let them help you grow as a painter and humanbeing!


You see with the speakers I really don’t know how to add depth and It is suppose to look like Bassline from Hot Wheels Accelerators I will add more photos of my designs to the topic how about you tell me how to add depth when I get home today and also add some of your designs to this topic and tell you friends about it

What Snake is saying is that this whole part of the forum is for artists to show off their paints so we dont need another “show your rides thread” here. Please feel free to use this as your own gallery for showing off your own paints though.

Best way to add depth is with shading, check out some of the other artists galleries to see what they have created. Keep up the good work and good luck.

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I know but I just want to see what everyone is capable of making in this topic like my Bassline


Add some WIP’s as you go along to show us your progress. You’ll get more input from other artists here as you go along. As Windswept said keep this page as your own gallery. Re-title it so we can stop in and see your progress. As for your speakers begin with a solid black circle and layer it with a grey fade, adjust the transparency level so it meshes nicely with the solid black circle. Add another solid black circle in the center as a base and add detail (outline, lettering, coloring, etc.). Just keep playing around with the fades to find the right hue, and depth that you’re looking for. Post a WIP update with a good shot of the speakers so we can see how you progressed. GL -Bruce

It’s been a while since I’ve jotted in here, so hi guys, once again.

Snake, like others have mentioned, use this thread as your own personal showcase. Both of completed liveries, as well as WIP.

Then allow comments from well trained eyes to guide you in creating even better designs.

Use the entire section to check out everyone else’s rides. Many have hundreds of liveries to check out. Some have some great features in other tutorial threads, while others have compiled great YouTube vids showing how to create certain elements that you can build into your designs.

Negativity, if taken constructively is actually a lesson for those willing to learn from others.

It doesn’t make one person better than another, it simply means that someone is giving ‘constructive criticism’. Negativity is only negative if you allow it to be that way.

I love the great Holden Makoo, and while I own a current Ford FG X XR8, I dislike their Utes, and the Maloo looks a treat.

Oh, and btw, the Australian TV show RPM announced today that the NEW 888 Holden team, taking over from HRT in 2017, are looking for livery ideas to apply to their new 2017-8 models that will incorporate BOTH the older style of HRT themes andRed Bull and Team 888.

Check out the section where Larko discusses the changes heading our way, and he shows off his idea of what a livery could look like.

There’s a URL mentioned where ppl can send their designs.

Might be a great way to show off pols ideas that may, or may not end up on some of next years cars.


Well this is not just for me it is for everyone to show there paints off and my bassline is done those images are of he finish product

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Here’s a small tutorial for the more 3d speakers,

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Congrats for doing such a simple but effective guide, Snake!!!

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Thanks Snake go ahead and show off your paints guys

Youve been advised we dont need another show your rides thread, now Im telling you this thread is not for people to show off their paints. We already have threads for that and this section of the forum is for showing off your paints, a thread within that for also showing off paints is unneeded.