Show new rivals when I beat one... missing the obvious?

Maybe I am just totally missing the obvious here but I have been running Rivals time attacks to become a better driver. After I beat a rival it sure would be good to have my next rival automatically show up and start racing me… did I miss a setting somewhere to make this happen? Backing all the way out and starting over is a pain…

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Loading a ghost in a single Rivals session, each time you beat someone, would be taxing on the system’s memory. That’s just the way it is.

Boo! Hiss! :wink: thanks for the response, glad to know I am not just missing it! I will have to check if I can pick rivals higher up the food chain instead of just picking the default.

It at least give you a new rival’s time to be you just don’t have the ghost to race against. So you don’t have to back out to beat another rival. Some people turn the ghosts off anyway.

The old rival is still back there too, it appears to have just fallen back by whatever time you have on it. Slip up and you will have to pass them again… Try slowing down a lap or two and you will see it gaining on you in the mirror

I turn them on and off, depending on whether or not they are interfering with my line of sight. Tis’ good to have them on to get a read on their line, maybe see a spot that can be exploited.

If they didn’t want to load a new one they coulda just bumped the old guy up by the amount you had on him. Something that shows you’re on your way to more booty kicking.