Should EVs die

I have been hearing a lot about EVs that the market share has gone down and also that Hydrogen can also power Internal Combustion Engines as well as EFuels while still remaining Zero Emissions.This should save Internal Combustion Engines. I really hope this is the future of Automobiles

No, not in the markets that are ready and willing to build an infrastructure that can handle plenty of EVs. Just look at Norway! Their level of electrification among all kinds of vehicles is unprecedented, in spite of Norway being a major oil exporter in the world.

In markets where people aren’t willing to switch from ICEs to a more environmentally friendly type of vehicle, it’ll be a while. We all know that once battery technology improves to give better range and when they’re made from more eco-friendly resources, EVs will rid the world of ICEs.

I doubt that hydrogen will ever become a main stream fuel alternative, and in the markets where it’s popped up, it’ll never get a stronghold on comparison to EV technology.

I’m not saying this will happen. I’m just saying that this is what I believe will happen based on what I’ve seen in Europe.

I really hope E Fuels and Hydrogen can save ICE I dont want everything be replaced by an EV there are some serious issues EVs are having for example the weight or reliability

Our rival is not ICE but rather Carbon dioxide so Synthetic Fuels and Hydrogen should be able to be zero emissions

The thing is, that soon, EVs will be much more reliable than ICEs in (almost?) every way. Modern EV battery technology is still young. Future EV batteries will be much lighter and powerful.

An ICE can have as much as 100 times more moving parts than an EV engine/motor.
The efficiency of an ICE is also less than half of an electric engine/motor, which speaks for the EV.

This change will be tough on many mechanics, as they’ll have to adapt to a new kind of car maintenance. Few people will be able to fix their own cars, both because there will be fewer things that go wrong, but also because the skills to fix things that do go wrong will need to be tweaked.

I understand that motorheads will miss tinkering with their cars rhe old-fashioned way, but things are changing - fast.

I think Synthetic Fuels and Hydrogen are the better future both can run Internal Combustion Engines while still being zero emissions

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For example Toyota is testing ICE running on Hydrogen while Porsche is investing money in Synthetic Fuels if this succeeds we could save Internal Combustion Engines while being Carbon Neutral at the same time

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which technology or technologies will be the cheapest overall per km and most reliable in the end, while being zero emission technologies.

The silence of EVs is a clear benefit over ICEs today, as noise pollution is a big problem in cities. I know that plenty of people love the noise of loud ICEs, but that’s not a good enough reason to keep loud cars around.

I hope Toyota and Porsche will succeed

If they succeed they could change the automotive industry forever and save us car enthusiasts

I wish you and other ICE lovers good luck. Toyota has quite a bit to go yet…

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Not this one its a Hydrogen EV I mean that they are testing Internal Combustion Engines while running on Hydrogen and as for Porsche they have a plant in Chile for their Synthetic Fuels

Sorry about that.
These are more interesting to our discussion:

There is also Porsche investing money in Synthetic Fuels

I believe you.

And I believe that they can save ICE

Should they die? No.

Something needs to be done about the reliance on fossil fuels etc and hydrogen and synthetic fuels aren’t there yet for the mass market.

I’d totally have an EV but a) not much infrastructure where I am and b) it doesn’t suit my driving habits.

Evs are another example of the world becoming soulless I still have a feeling that Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels can become a major thing its all about the consumers at this point i would say a lot of fossil fuel owners would prefer that route rather than evs

Ev’s down here are doing really badly when it comes to the used car market, some of them are losing 42 percent of their value in 2 years as buyers are worried that the batteries won’t last the distance and they will be up for 40 grand in some cases for a replacement.

Also the other thing to remember about Ev’s is they aren’t all that “green” unless the country has a very good renewable energy market plus Ev’s are substantially heavier than the regular ICE and chew through tyres so generating more microplastics as here states:
A recent study indicates that in 2016, 78 % of the world’s oceanic microplastics were derived from synthetic tire rubber,rubber%20(Trust%2C%202020).

Are they the future… I don’t think so but they were worth trying

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The Rimac Nevera seems like quite a spirited drive. Maybe too spirited even. And if you want to talk about soulless, we could talk about the endless expenses of macadam that plague cities in North America, and even in Europe.

Even if for the sake of the argument we admitted EVs are boring (which they aren’t), that’s not a good basis for public policy.

Alternative fuels are an unnecessary distraction. They have their own variety of problems. Either making these isn’t much cleaner than making petrol, or using them isn’t much cleaner than making petrol, or sometimes both, and sometimes you have additional issues like storing high-pressure hydrogen, using farmland to feed cars rather than people, or endless research projects that only serve to give the oil industry cover to keep selling petrol.

EVs have their own issues, but just reducing air and noise pollution in cities make them a superior alternative in most situations where a car is absolutely required.

Beyond that though, EVs don’t solve the fundamental problem: we need to use less energy, and we need that energy to be cleaner. The means the future of automobile shouldn’t be EVs, it should be bikes and trains. Cars should be a thing you see in movies and games, or that you take to the track on the weekend for fun. It should be a hobby, not the thing our living spaces are built around.