Short track blueprint

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Short teack east

Built a 1 mile short track. It’s a 10 lap event with retro salons. Still kind a rough but give it a try and let me know what ya think.

Ok, anyone try this? I tried it with a backup profile and the tra k was like a hurricane and an earthquake hit. Track sectors were gone and some moved.
Any ideas on what happened or is this aftermath of the latest upgrade?

I gave your race a play and a like. It seemed to mostly be ok, other than some bumps and jumps (I don’t know if those were intended, though). Also, some of the track-side barriers were clearly off the ground a bit, rather than flush. But I’m not sure how it looked when you made it. I also tried one of my own creations with an alt account to see if anything was amiss, and it looked normal. Have you tried it again to see if it was a one time deal?

I thought it was fun, so I think it deserves a bit more polish, and perhaps a blueprint for Classic Muscle? There’s a '72 Ford Falcon in B class that I love to run on tracks like this.

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Thanks. On the bumps, jumps and other stuff. Yes I’m planning on cleaning it up some. It’s a lot of work to build a decent track.

I don’t know what happened the first time I tried it. But the second run it worked as built.

Ok, I Smoothed out the bumps, cleaned stuff up, also did a classic muscle version. Cleaned up the race line, the AI flows better now too.

Here’s the new tracks:

This one is just 5 laps, all I had time for.
Classic Short Track Race
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Ten laps on this one.
Short track East
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Classic Short Track Race is for Classic Muscle btw.

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Thanks, I played them both and tossed 'em a like.

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