Share Your Advanced Control Zone Settings

I’ve been playing the game for 2 years, and spending time on these forums, but in all that time there has been little mention of the Advanced Control Zone Settings. But actually they can make a big difference to how you can handle the cars in FH4. I fixed an understeer problem I had just by having the outside steering Deadzone set higher.

I thought it might be an idea to share your settings, maybe take a screenshot. Also maybe somebody can improve my own settings… they feel good though.

Aren’t these just down to preference and/or your individual controller, ie. how worn it is will determine how much deadzone is or isn’t needed.

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Not really. They determine your response times, your acceleration preferences. For example with drifting you want more wheelspin, and for grip you want less wheelspin. Your acceleration inside deadzone can be setup for drifting or driving. If you like to drift a lot you can have a different setting to someone who likes to race a lot. You can have cushioned brakes, or hard brakes, you can drive slowly around the landscape at 5mph, or limit your lowest speed to 30mph.

There are lots of ways to change the feel of your driving with the zones.

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