Share designs


This forum is not so clear so im not sure that this is the right place to write this…

So i would like to share my designs with other players but its do only in privat… how can i change into public?

Thanks forward :wink:

You can only share designs if the content on the cars has been created by yourself.
Any cars with downloaded storefront decals will be locked and such private.


Its mean if i search example Sun and use on of them on my car then i cant share public?

Anything you find by searching is made by others and therefore you can’t share any designs you’ve used them on.

If you want to share a design, you have to make everything yourself.

Everything on storefront/search is locked, like others above stated to share you have to paint youfself, been like this since f5, the days of sharing unlocked paint with your friends etc is long gone.